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Instituto de Economia Agrícola

Fundado em 1942, o Instituto de Economia Agrícola - IEA, área econômica da Agência Paulista de Tecnologia dos Agronegócios - APTA da Secretaria de Agricultura e Abastecimento do Estado de São Paulo, foi a primeira instituição a sistematizar estudos sobre economia agrícola no Brasil. O Instituto de Economia Agrícola é uma Instituição que pesquisa, analisa, gera e divulga conhecimento e informação de qualidade para atender às necessidades da agricultura e da sociedade em geral.


Av. Praça Ramos de Azevedo, 254, República
São Paulo - SP
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Instituto de Economia Agrícola

Institute of Agricultural Economics (IEA)
Research in the service of the society since 1942 The IEA is an important public institution of research on economics and statistic applied to agricultural and farming questions. Established in São Paulo and connected to APTA, provide technical information for strategic decision making public and private. Its multidisciplinary team comprised of skilled technicians and researchers contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture through studies that involve: public policy, regional development, agricultural markets, organization and management, environment, renewable energy, employment and income, and statistical models econometrics, among others. Agricultural Economics Database The results of periodic surveys, censuses, sampling and other methods of collecting and consolidating data are available online and gather information about: - Prices of land, inputs received by producers, wholesale and retail - Price Indexes - Estimate and forecast of harvest and livestock production - Salaries and agricultural worker productivity - Value of agricultural production - Balance of trade Library A specialized collection of over 40 thousand titles in the field of agricultural economics and related topics, open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday Review of Agricultural Economics (Revista de Economia Agrícola): a semi-annual scientific journal aimed at providing articles, communications, book and thesis reviews, notes and commentaries. Accepts contributions in Portuguese, Spanish or English, and available in printer and electronic version. Economic Information (Revista Informações Econômicas): printed and electronic journal that publishes bimonthly articles and technical analysis on economic and social relations of agriculture. Texts for Discussion (Textos para Discussão): electronic publication that publishes original works in order to disseminate knowledge and stimulate debate Agribusiness Analyses and Indicators (Análises e Indicadores do Agronegócio): electronic review aimed at a fast dissemination of analyses and statistics about agriculture and cattle raising. Other Services - PDAM - Support System Development Master Plan Municipal Agricultural - ACANT - Computerization System for Agricultural Business Organisation - Surveys, studies and analyzes aimed at meeting the specific demands Courses Training for professionals in business, government, cooperatives, teachers, researchers, farmers and others interested in agricultural economics.

Av. Miguel Stéfano, 3900, Água Funda
São Paulo - SP
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