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APTA Regional

A APTA Regional tem a finalidade de articular as unidades sob sua coordenação na geração, adaptação e transferência de conhecimentos científicos e tecnológicos, a partir de uma visão multidisciplinar focada em cada região paulista, contemplando as principais cadeias de produção locais.


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APTA Regional - Regional Research Poles

The Regional Research Poles (Pólos Regionais) have the purpose of generating, adapting and transferring knowledge and technology to sustainable agriculture, attending the production chains and the relevant socio-economic segments in their depth areas. The Research Poles also attend demands for services and for strategic supplies needed for regional development. These units develop studies in agronomy, animal husbandry, animal and plant diseases, food technology, aquaculture and fisheries and economy. With 15 poles distributed along the State, the research and transference are driven in harmony with the socio-economic profile and the agronomical conditions of every locality, focusing on attending the existent needs. The yearly programmed events to transfer knowledge and technology are attended by students, professionals, researchers, rural producers and associative institutions representatives. The studies and projects have the financial support from funding agencies and from private enterprises, and are in their majority conducted in partnership with universities and local institutions. This system provides trainees' scientific formation, accurate researches and development to regional agricultural and contributes to shaping a network focused on regional development.

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